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The Maldives Day 7: Kuramathi Island Resort with an afternoon trip to Rasdhoo

Day 7 - another wonderful day in Paradise. We got up a bit late - around 9 - and we could both get ready at the same time! I took a shower outside while Raymond took one inside. It was a bit odd taking a shower in the garden... Lots of fishes swimming around by our pool And we headed down for brekkie. This was probably the best of the breakfast buffets - beans & toast, potatoes, and dal! Delicious! When you get there the servers come around and ask if you want tee or coffee so I asked if they had iced tea. They said yes, so I asked for that and went to get my food. I came back to find my tea cup filled with hot tea and an ice bucket! Oh, it was funny. I mean yeah, that would make iced tea, but it was not what I was expecting.  After brekkie they were fixing out do not disturb light (it was out) so we headed down to check out the beach and the sandbank Hermit crabbie trying to hide from me! Almost invisible fishes by the shore! It is really hard