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Stralsund, Germany Day 1

For Easter this year we spent the long weekend up in Stralsund (on the coast).  The town has a ton of brick buildings, brick walls, brick everything Fishes in the walkway And it was nice wandering around. The town is not that big so the first day we explored and saw what there was to see We stayed at a place by the water, on the top floor, with a large balcony (it was a little chilly to just sit outside) and big windows looking out over the water or over the town on the other side. It was pretty nice.  Soup for lunch from Fritz Braugasthaus which was just okay. A bit salty... Art exhibit in the church I really liked this painting in the church as well Afternoon snack at Coffifee - vegan macarons! Chai tea And matcha latte! The place had a sign outside that said smallest coffee shop in Stralsund and I