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October 3, 2008 - The Conclusion

10/03/2008.mp3 (Conclusion)

The end

So it started raining on us for days and we cut out to come back to Seattle for a few days and wait for it to clear up.....and then Raymond decided he really did not want to go back out. So I at first was pretty upset cause I really wanted to get to Canada, or at least as far as we could while the weather was still nice this weekend. And I was feeling really like we were giving up for no reason. Like if one of us were injured or if I was hating it or something then I would have been better about it. But instead it was like the forecast called for gorgeous weather this weekend and we were just going to sit at home. I figured we could have at least gotten to the next stop and then only had one more chunk to do next year, but Raymond really didn't want to go back out so we decided not to. But hopefully by this time next year we will get the last 2 sections done, and maybe go back and do the section from white pass to snoqualmie as we went RIGHT by Mt Rainier and it is supposed to be g

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August 29, 2008

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August 28, 2008



Alright so here are a few photos from Yosemite to here: Yosemite just after Donohue Pass This was where we got our first storm. It hailed for a bit, then just poured and crazy thunder and lightning in the open fields.....kinda scary. But by the time we left it was gorgeous! Just outside of Yosemite we reached the 1,000 mile mark!! It was crazy fun (and mom parachuted in......only to land in a tree. have the video, but it takes too long to upload) One of my favorite spots thus far was Sonora Pass. There were sooo many cool rocks, and the colors were beautiful! Raymondland (as I call it as everything is named after Raymond) was my favorite so far. Unfortunatly all the beautiful colors did not really show up in the photo. It was absolutely gorgeous in person! Lassen National park was also very awesome. All kinds of hydrothermal activity and it was awesome! Boiling pond with bubbling mud. It was very fun The smoke was really bad around the fire areas. It turned the moon red I tried to eat

Out of Califromia!!!!!

So we made it to Oregon!!! We are at Raymond's grandparents right now relaxing and having fun being lazy. But we are headed out in the morning to continue on. Not much longer now and we will be in Canada! Crazy to think about. Less than a thousand miles to go.....crazy! We are uploading the rest of the photos we have taken since the last upload right now, and we were going to try and get some audio up but the computer is really slow and apparently the uploading is not working right so.....we shall see if we can get any of that before we leave. I was going to make a picture post, but it will take a while to upload so we shall see. Hope everyone is doing well!

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