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Seattle/Vancouver 2017

In fall 2017 Raymond and our friend Anthony were planning a work trip to Seattle and Vancouver and his wife, Mia, and I decided to tag along.  I was up soooooo early that first morning! And starving as we didn't really eat dinner since we had a huge lunch and I wasn't hungry. Only nothing was open we waited until The Crumpet Shop opened at 7 to go get some food. I did have a few snacks that helped hold me over until then.  Wandering by the market a bit Trying on stuff at Target While Anthony and Raymond were at work Mia and I wandered - our first solo day was gorgeous! But the clouds were coming Noodles from a place in the market! Aaron's special from Glo's Cafe All the Pho! Really we didn't do a lot in Seattle besides shop, eat, and meet up with friends That weekend we headed up to Vancouver for a week! On Sunday we went to Lynn Canyon for some naturey fun. We were going to go to Capilano suspen