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Travel to Muang Khua, Laos

  Traveling to Muang Khua was a relaxing day. Just a very long boat ride up the Nam Ou river. We started off the day with breakfast at the Indian place again. Banana roti = delicious!   It was another overcast morning. We awoke to pouring rain again, but by the time we got packed up it was just cloudy     After breakfast we met up with the German girl who was taking the boat ride with us and headed out.    It's probably good we didn't go kayaking this day...the water was just a tad rougher than the day before.     Along the way we stopped for a short visit to Muang Ngoi. I could see relaxing there for a day, but Nong Khiaw was way better. The town is tiny, and the main road is just restaurants and shops for tourists. Everywhere had free wifi and snacks! We didn't see many people, but we did walk buy a lady selling cloth things. The guy yelled rather aggressively at us to "buy some! Good quality!" The town was j