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Laos 2015 - Vientiane Day 2

Lao National Cultural Hall I'm glad we decided to spend two days in Vientiane as I think I needed the second day of relaxing. We had gone to bed early that first night since I was tired from all the traveling and I thought oh we will get up early-ish no problem. The hotel had breakfast until 9:30 and we thought we would eat then maybe go spy on the morning market and do some sight seeing before it gets too hot. Ha ha. Yeah, we slept in till after 10. By the time we got ready to go, got dressed and slathered the sunscreen on, it was lunchtime. Morning market is for the early morning so we didn't get to do that. Instead we just walked over to lunch. It was on the other side of town, but it doesn't take that long to get there as it is not that big of a city. It was like a 20 minute walk maybe. Not that far, but oh so hot again. We walked by the Lao National Cultural Hall which was this large fancy looking building, which happens to be right across the street from the