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Dresden City Festival 2017

Most years we head down to Dresden in August for their city festival. We really enjoy wandering around, listening to music, and eating all the foods! The past few years we have started out getting lunch in a northern section of the city which is pretty quiet Then heading down to the festival fun 2017, for the first time since we had been going, the festival was stretched out on the right side of this photo. Prior years it was on the right and across the bridge to the left. It was kind of nice having everything on the one bank of the river instead.  Wandering around downtown Steam engines  That year we decided to check out some places we hadn't been to before in Dresden. The one museum downtown had a sign outside that said free entrance this weekend so we went to check it out We went to spy on the Großer Garten park It is the Palais Großer Garten Takin a break and