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Gent, Belgium

After our time in Brugge we took the train to Gent for a roller derby tournament. Gent is really nice, but I like Brugge just a bit better After we got checked in where we were staying we went to get some lunch at Avalon. We ordered the lasagna And one of the plates of the day. I love plates like this! I get to try all the food! We had eaten here last time and it was top on the list of places to go back to.  Some photos from breaks in roller derby - sitting outside in the sun for a bit The place that holds the roller derby tournament always has lots of vegan treats for us! Dinner at De Frietketel - another place we went last time and wanted to go back We tried two different burgers And of course some fries and some veggie balls. The balls were different from last time, but still tasty. And I think that is a small fry. It was a ton of food! Breakfast at roller derby! Delicious vegan baked goods! This