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Christmas in Lanzarote 2017 - Part 4

The day Raymond's parents left started off very overcast We decided to take the ferry over to Fuerteventura to spy  There was a little section you could sit in and see underwater But once we were going you couldn't really see anything :(  So we went back to the deck for the ride It was a bit choppy going over, but not too bad. It didn't make me super sick or anything Dock at Corralejo We wandered along the water all morning And found lots of tide pools to spy on! And watch the fishes! Underwater picture of fishes! Yes, I put my hand in the water to take the photo!! Then we went to a vegan restaurant, Baobob, for lunch before our boat back to Playa Blanca Soup, salad, veggie balls, and vegan cheese! It was delicious! The