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Kungsleden, Day 1

We haven't been hiking/camping in forever and I was getting antsy not being out in the wilderness for so long. I mean we were spoiled in Seattle. It is beautiful with mountains and water and everything right there. Yes we have tons of parks in Berlin, but it is not the same as being in the mountains. In Seattle it is easy to do day hikes in the mountains or weekend camping trips to get out in the wild. Here...well there are no mountains close by. Yes we could go to the south of the country, but that is not a day trip kind of thing. So I did some research for a good week long hike and found the Kungsleden in Sweden. It was on like National Geographic list of top 10 hikes or something like that and it instantly won me over as it was above the arctic circle! I have never been that far north and it just seemed exciting to me. Not sure why exactly, but it was very exciting. So I looked into it and there are 4 week long sections of the trail (according to everything I could find). Th