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Railay Beach, Thailand - Day 2 - Afternoon fun

Alright part two of our fun filled day at Railay Beach. After lunch we went to see about making plans for the rest of our time. I had originally planned on going to one of the island between Krabi and Phuket, but since it was the low season there weren't really boats running there so we had to figure something else out.

Then we thought we would go spy on Ton Sai beach - another one that you have to follow a trail to get to. There were places to stay over there and we thought it would be fun to check it out. Only the trail we started following didn't go anywhere.

So back to the beach to see if we could find the correct trail

And we did, but the trail is behind that one rock that is sticking out of the water in the middle of the photo. It doesn't look too bad, but the waves were crashing on the jabby rocks and we didn't know how deep the water was and such so instead of getting all cut up we decided to spy the next day.

On the way back to our hotel. Raymond had made fun of me earlier for using an umbrella to hide from the sun, but man it is so much nicer than walking without it when it is so hot.

More sand crabbies! I loved them

For the afternoon we decided to hang out at the pool overlooking Railay East

We swam for a few hours until close to sunset then headed back to our room to change into dry clothes to head out for the sunset. 

The tide was out again as we headed back to Phra Nang Beach

And lots of monkeys were there

We also spied on Princess Caves which is right next to the beach. There was a sign saying how people would leave offerings here and to please don't leave anything inappropriate. Sure, makes sense, except...

the caves are full of penises. Like it is just a ton of penis carvings and such. So what would be inappropriate to leave there I wonder. 
So now we are getting to the sunset photos. I took 8 billion as it was just so beautiful! I tried to pare it down, but there will still be lots


And finally it got too dark to take any more photos. Most of the people left as soon as the sun went under the horizon, but oh my goodness. It was so much nicer just sitting there afterwards. The sky was amazing and really really beautiful. 

Then we went back to try and get some cash from the atm at our hotel, only Raymond's card wouldn't work there. So I looked online and there was one at a different resort down the way so we went to spy on that and found a ton of small restaurants and shops that we didn't realizer were even there. 

The one place, Mom's Place, had a vegetarian section and was really busy so we thought we would check it out. 

Pad Thai and Panang Curry - so so tasty! The curry was especially good and the lady who was in charge was on it. I was sitting facing the kitchen and she was trying to help the servers learn a bit more English, like what to say in response when someone says thank you and such. She was also very much making sure that no tap water gets in anything. Like the one guy had a wet glass and she was telling him how he had to make sure it was really dry or someone could potentially get sick and everything. It was just nice to know that they were being really careful not to use unfiltered water for anything. Also she came by to talk to us a bit after we ate and was really friendly.

Then back to our room for the night. With a tiny spider friend. All in all a great day. It was supposed to be just a relaxing day by the beach/pool, but man I don't know that we are very good at relaxing. Instead of laying on the beach/by the pool and getting in when we get hot or just floating in the water we were swimming for hours at a time. And that can be exhausting! Every beach day was us eating breakfast, swimming for a few hours until we were starving, eating lunch, then swimming for a few more hours until we were again starving, then eating dinner. A lot of fun, but not really the relaxing sit by the pool I think a lot of people do. We enjoyed it though. Especially in such a gorgeous location.


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