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Visit with my mom Nov 2013

    So slowly but surely I will catch up to present day with my posts. Next up here we have when my mom came to visit a year ago November. We really had nice weather while she was here. Cold, but not absolutely freezing (except the one day we did the free tour) and sunny for the most part which was nice to walk around. I don't really remember in detail everything we did so I am just going to go through the photos I have (most taken by my mom) and talk about them. Good? Good. I think the first full day my mom was here we did some window shopping near Hackescher Markt. We had eaten dinner near there and there was a bead shop she wanted to check out so we went back when they were open. The one shoe store had a really fun window display. Really a lot of the places there were fun. We wandered, found a green tea cafe which was so good and just had a nice day. Then we stopped by the Turkish Market since it was market day and got tons of produce for dinners and such