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Gent Belgium!

Let's see here. Before I went back to PA we started to dig up the yard. As you can see in the first photo it was all weeds, and pretty useless as it was a lot of nettles and such. So we dug everything up and started from scratch again. When I got back we finished up and planted the grass seeds and hoped it would grow. We went to Belgium the following week so we were a little worried that the grass seeds would dry out and die, but we came back to the grass starting to grow! Above is our backyard (well half of the backyard) right now and it is so much nicer! We have some chairs and a table and such when it is sunny we can sit out there and eat frozen treats and it is just really nice. It's a little patchy still, but it is filling in nicely. It is nice that all of our hard work paid off! We had finished up with the yard on Cinco de Mayo! So we headed off to the park to hang out for a bit, then off to the Mexican place for some tacos and margaritas! We were sitting ou