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Barcelona Part 6 - Our last day

Our last day in Barcelona started off with a delicious breakfast at a place we wandered by the day before. I wish we would have known about this place sooner as it was so tasty! As it was we just had fruit and hummus at our place in the mornings so this would have been a nice breakfast option. Both of the photos above are from the restroom in there. All the doors had those faces painted on them.

After breakfast we wandered down to the Catalan National Art Museum and the park around it. We had gone by there when we walked up Mountjuic, but we didn't stop and check it out.

Then the last thing on our to-do list was to go on the free graffiti tour of el Raval. We met up outside the MACBA and we were early. There were a ton of people on skateboards skating around and this one guy filming this one move again and again and again. It was entertaining to watch.

The graffiti and street art tour was really awesome. It was this guy from California who is living in Barcelona and he and a friend just started doing this. Really interesting, he had so much info to share it was great. And all tip based so whatever we felt it was worth to pay. It was only us and another couple so it was a small group, but I really enjoyed it. On to most everything we stopped to look at

The guy was saying that you can't put anything up on the walls - it will just be painted over within a few days by the city. So you see a lot of small things on all the edges and doors and mailboxes and everything else.

That is our guide talking about something that will be gone soon since it is on a wall. I of course don't remember any of the artists names or anything....

I do remember the story behind this one. It was this Canadian couple and the guy had to move to Barcelona for work, but she couldn't come over yet. He was missing her so much that he thought if he could just see her face on his way to work he would be happier. He wasn't an artist, never did anything like this before, but he went and put up all of these blue and yellow stencils of his girlfriend. The guide was saying how he was giving a tour one day saying how he thought this might be the work of some artist, and this couple stopped to ask him if he knew the story behind it. Turned out it was the guy who put them up and his girlfriend had just gotten there that day. He was out showing her her face all over the city I enjoyed that. Kind of fun .

The inside wall of a squat house that was torn down.

This dad put these up - his really young kid (maybe 5?) drew this shredder.

There was a kid killed by the cops here and the community got together and made it a gathering place and some artists made pieces about police brutality on the walls outside

After the tour we were running around the city looking to see what other little things we could find. You see a lot of the same artists pieces all over the place and it was a lot of fun. I am glad we did that tour as it was wonderful. Oh and the guide also told us how there is a security camera in Plaza George Orwell which is pretty amazing. Not in the other ones, big brother is watching you in Plaza George Orwell. Fitting.

Then we stopped and had a delicious dinner at Cat Bar! We had gone the night before just for drinks and ended up sitting with some people from the states, the lady was going to be moving to Barcelona soon and the guy was just traveling around. He was in IT and was looking at Berlin to potentially move to so it was nice talking to them.

And a final wander down to the beach. It really was a fun trip, lots of great food and art and just fun times.


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