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Campervan Adventures in Spain & Portugal: Caminito del Rey, Ronda, & La Línea de la Concepción

Day 5 was the only day we had a specific thing to do at a specific time which was hike the Caminito del Rey! Our tickets were guided tickets at 9:20 so we were up and out to get there early like they asked

First you walk through this tunnel

And down a ways until you get to the entrance of the gorge. You can only walk one way then have to take a bus back to the car (we would have parked at the end and bussed to the start had we had later tickets)

It was a bit of a mess to get started. Lots of people who had earlier tickets than us (9am) didn't get in a group until we did and we didn't get put in a group until 9:30 so people were getting a bit cranky, but once we got going it was fine. You had to wear helmets the whole time which...not sure why really. The hike was nice, but disappointing. I know some of the photos will look like woah! That is crazy walking on this tiny ledge on the side of a cliff!!! But actually doing it...wasn't crazy at all. It was just walking along a trail and yeah. I expected more. 

We did see some mountain goats right off the trail! With some babies!

The old path didn't have any railings and was falling apart and much narrower than the new, safe path

That is a train tunnel in the middle of the photo

And we did see a train go through the tunnel!

This water was so beautiful and green!

The tour was fine, the gorge was nice I just think I was expecting something more so it was disappointing. I was also glad that we had early tickets as it was a nice temp when we started, but by the end it was getting hot (and it was supposed to be above 30 in the gorge later that day! Too hot!)

When I had booked the campsite for the night before you had to book for 2 nights and it was cheap so I didn't care and booked the 2 nights. We weren't sure how long the hike would take and what we would do afterwards so we had a campsite if we needed/wanted it. Well..we were back at the car by lunchtime so we decided to head on to our next stop - Ronda

Ronda is inland and has some really nice views of the surrounding areas

But what it is known for is this stone bridge over the gorge that runs through the town

We wandered around town and spied on the bridge from both sides

It's a small town so a wander didn't take that long. Then it was deciding where to camp for the night - I had also thought we might try and camp here at Ronda, but since we were back to the car with plenty of time we once again headed for the coast! 

We ended up camping at this marina in La Línea de la Concepción

Right outside of Gibraltar! I had not been planning on going to Gibraltar, but the camping spot had good reviews and was on the water so we said why not?

After dinner we walked over to the beach

Then back to camp for the sunset. I really liked La Línea de la Concepción. It felt like a town where it was just people who lived there not a tourist spot and Raymond said that is probably because it is just outside Gibraltar. I imagine most people just go there, but it was really nice. Lots of good vibes

A great place to watch the sunset! An unexpected end to the day, but a great end!

15.85km walked, 20 flights


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