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Campervan Adventures in Spain & Portugal: Cahorros de Monachil & the Mediterranean

Day 2 in Spain was so much fun! We got a late start (for us) and didn't start hiking till 9:30! We headed off to do the Cahorros de Monachil hike which was awesome. We followed along the river and through all the rocks and bridges and had such a great time. 

The hike starts in Monachil and goes along the river for a ways. There were lots of trees to climb over/around, but it was nice and cool. 

Then you get to a couple small suspension bridges

And some great views!

Until you get to the really long bridge (only 4 people can cross at once so we had to wait a bit as a large school group was there before us. While we were waiting this couple decided that they didn't need to wait in line and went right to the front, then started complaining about how awful people are who stop in the middle of the bridge to take photos. So inconsiderate!! And I was just like yeah...they for sure are the inconsiderate ones not you who decided you don't need to wait in line like everyone else. I really would have said something, but the lady was hacking up a lung and I was fine being nowhere near her. Plus I don't care that much if I have to wait a minute more I just thought it was funny how they were complaining about how inconsiderate other people were). 

The other side of the bridge was so much fun! We let the school group go ahead and went a bit slow so we fell behind them a good ways, but there were so many places where you had to hold handholds or duck/almost crawl or climb to get around. I loved it!

We got here and at first were like how do we get through? That rock above was pretty much completely blocking the path unless you were to crawl...then we saw someone go down and climb back up on the other side (and noticed there were hand holds for that) so that's what we did

After that fun adventure it was hike up to the top of the ridge and enjoy the views!

This part was so so hot! The sun beating down on you and just too much. We saw some people hiking without any water and I could not understand how they could do it as I had to keep stopping to get more as my mouth would get so dry!

The views were incredible though - so many cool rocks!

And you can see where we walked through earlier

The way back down was much nicer - there was a breeze (except for the one spot we found to stop for lunch!)

At lunch we were deciding what to do in the afternoon and the plan was we could do an easier hike or just be done for the day and go back to camp. Then I realized since we scrapped the plans to go into Granada the next day like I had originally planned (it was going to be WAY too hot to go back into the city) I thought maybe there is a nice place to camp closer to where we would have gone tomorrow after our city wandering...and found a nice place in Almuñécar on the coast!

The campsite was a few min walk from the water so we went to spy and have a swim and it was wonderful!

It was cold, but felt so nice after all the heat! We kept getting in a, then laying on the beach until we got too hot then back for more Mediteranean fun! The water makes everything better! And so beautiful!

View from camp

After this we realized we might have to change our plans and try to end each day by the water. The sun is so hot, but the water is nice and cool and refreshing. It makes the heat way more manageable. 

13.84km walked, 77flights


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