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Campervan Adventures in Spain & Portugal: Gibraltar & Cadiz

Day 6 in Spain started with a walk to Gibraltar! We thought since we were right here why not? You have to go through passport control since it is part of the UK

And you have to walk across a runway!

We didn't explore that much - just walked to a beach which ended up being closed off, but it was still interesting

Then it was off to Cadiz! This was probably Raymond's favorite city of the whole trip. Cadiz is almost an island - just a long stretch of beach (with a road) or bridges connect it to the mainland

We again parked just outside of town and walked in along the beach promenade which was really nice. The water was so green! And it is the Atlantic now!

There were so many people at the beach, but it was really windy and cool (only 23C! Much cooler than it was earlier in the trip)

Cadiz has lots of narrow windy streets to wander down

There was this giant open-air marker

Where we found cookies to snack on!

Jardines de Alameda Apodaca

There were lots of tiled benches around town

At the far end of the peninsula we found Parque Genovés which was really fun

With a fake waterfall 

You could walk under

Or on top of

And there were fancy ducks in the water

Then a wander through Castillo de Santa Catalina

Obviously we had to get some gelato - this place was nice because you could get 2 flavors in the small cup! So I went with green apple (which was delicious! Tasted like a green apple candy - light flavor and really refreshing) and strawberry (also super tasty!)

Cadiz was super nice to wander through. We basically walked through town then all along the water till we got back to the car. 

On the way into town we saw a parking lot for the beach where you could camp for the night so we went to spy on that to see about camping there

There were big dunes between the parking lot and the road so you could hardly hear the traffic so we decided to camp there. 

And then spent lots of time relaxing on the beach!

We had picked up some empanadas for dinner from Piggy - seitan and hamburger ones! So good!

And of course watched the sunset from the beach

This was a perfect place to camp - and free! This is another town I would come back to and spend more time at! Such a great day!

17.71km walked - 4 flights (everything was very flat!)


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