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Campervan Adventures in Spain & Portugal: On the way to Spain

Last year for our big trip we decided to rent a campervan and drive to Spain and Portugal! It is a long drive, I think it was like 26 hours to Granada where we were going to start our adventures, but it wasn't too bad. Plus it is nice having your home with you so you can stop whenever you are ready to not be driving anymore. 

A few not so good shots of the inside

We rented a slightly larger campervan than the one we took to Iceland and we loved it. It is slightly longer, but the bathroom and bed were slightly larger and it was perfect. You could actually stand in the bathroom and rinse off after swimming! You definitely could not in the smaller one. There were a few weird things about the set up, like where the power outlets were that we didn't like, but nothing major. This was a Ford Bürstner van and we wouldn't get this exact one if we were to buy one because of all the small odd placements of things, but the size is definitely what we would go for. 

Also the back windows did not open so it was so warm back there trying to sleep. It was hot during the day, but was nice and cool at night, so opening the windows really cooled everything off. The only way to really cool off the bed area was to have the doors open...which we are not sleeping with the back doors open! So that was the biggest issue, but luckily it wasn't that bad (if it would have been hot overnight as well I don't know how we would have managed for a month!)

Our route was head south, cut across France and the bottom portion of Spain until Granada

We drove through a few crazy storms - went through one where it was raining so hard we had to drive very slowly as we couldn't see plus there was so much water on the road! The temp even dropped from 25C to 12C in seconds which was crazy!

It was a really beautiful drive, though I found it odd that the rest stops in Spain had no shade especially since it gets so hot there!

Our first campsite, Camping Alto De Vinuelas, was right next to a small vineyard

With some great views of the mountains!

We had a crazy thunderstorm roll by very close to us that first night. Crazy lightning and thunder, but no rain for us. Had to do some quick searches to make sure we would be okay in our van during thunderstorms! But we made it to Granada


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