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Fall Trip 2022: Bad Harzburg Hiking

On our trip to Harz we stayed in Bad Harzburg a few nights and there was a hike from the top of the cable cars that went to a lynx enclosure so of course we had to go spy. 

The cable car took forever as they were small and only 2 of them so I am glad we got there before they opened (there was already a long line, but nothing like when we got back down!). But there were gorgeous views from the top! All the fall colors!

I believe this is from near the lynx enclosure...we didn't see any, but there were lots of people trying to spy them!

It was so pretty!

Going back down there were a few ways to go - the cable car which we took up or this thing where you are suspended under a cable and ride down that way (kind of like a zipline, but not? I don't know how to describe it). You can only go one at a time and I thought it sounded fun so we were going to see what the line was like when we were ready to head down...and it was way too long. It would have been hours of waiting and well we didn't want to do that. 

So cable car it was

And we decided to go to this cafe and get waffles and beverages for an afternoon snack. They had vegan and non (Raymond went with a normal waffle, but my vegan one was amazing! I loved it so much, but it was very filling so wasn't really hungry for dinner later). 

Then wandered more around town

And finally back to our place to relax. Even though we didn't see the lynx it was such a fun day (and a reason why we have to go back! At least until we see them!)


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