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Anniversary trip 2022: Alt Reddevitz day 4

Our last day we decided to go the the southernmost point of the area we were in, Thiessow, and wander along the water. But first a walk up this lookout tower! Sign at the bottom of the tower - go look!

The land to the left above the water is where we were walking yesterday

We saw no snakes!

A lot of the houses in this area had straw roofs with these areas with succulents on them - it was pretty nice

where we walked yesterday! From the one arrow to the other and back (I sent this to a friend while we were there and thought why not include it?)

After lunch we found some sheep friends on the path!

There were lots of birds on the beach

Since it was our anniversary we went out to eat at the only place I could find with vegan food - a small burger place on the one beach with these tasty beet burgers and guacamole fries!

Of course we had to wander down to the beach after we ate

And watch the sunset

And there were a bunch of surfers walking down this pier and jumping in from the end, then surfing back and doing it all over again. 

Before we left the next day we had a short walk through a forested area around Sellin

To a small lake

And then back to the beach to eat lunch and spy on the pier

I definitely did not want to leave! It was perfect weather and I love the water, but home we had to go. 


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