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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 30 Egilsstaðir, Seydisfjordur

Our last day in Iceland and oh it was gorgeous! We really did have wonderful weather on our trip which I was not expecting. I was prepared for stormy overcast every day!

We got up early our last day and headed back to spy on the puffins since everything said to go early. Well...we got there at 7:30 and there were like 2 puffins! WAY less than the day prior when we were there way later. 

Since we had time we hung out for a bit and went to spy a bit later around 9, but still not that many. It was fun watching the Kittiwake and Herring Gulls fly around though. Later was much better for puffin sightings!

Then we headed back towards Egilsstaðir

And the drive was gorgeous! We stopped at every viewpoint to take some photos and spy 

We could see everything we missed the day prior in the fog!

The one viewpoint you could see forever! So beautiful!!

Once we got to Egilsstaðir we got some groceries for the boat home and Raymond and I were both like man, this is a bustling metropolis compared to most towns we went through! It was funny because on the first day we thought it was tiny, but after spending a month here and how much nothing there is this was relatively big! 

On the way into town we saw this park, Selskógur, so we went to check it out 

And had a nice wander along the river

This is a closeup from the same spot as the above photo - that is one of the waterfalls we walked to on day 1, Fardagafoss, which had so much snow on it at the time!  

Then we headed towards Seydisfjordur and the views going over the pass were so gorgeous!!

This spot was on the pass and was the only really sketchy part of the trip! I went to turn into the parking lot and there was a giant pothole at the top and I instantly thought this was a bad idea! The road was very steep and sloped to one side with the huge pothole and lots of giant rocks, but by the time I had turned it was too late to do anything about on we drove and getting back out was...not the best. We almost got stuck at the top because there were cars coming and so the van didn't want to stop and then trying to back down the road a bit so we could try again I kept thinking we were going to tip over or drive off the side and then roll over and yeah. Crazy that we went the whole time with no issues until this! Luckily Raymond got out to help direct me and we were able to get out, but for a bit there I didn't think it would happen. 

After that Raymond said no more gravel and I agreed! Only paved roads until the ferry!

We stopped at Gufufoss again which was our first stop of the trip and it was so different! All the snow was gone! And it was so green!

The photo from the first day to compare

Seydisfjordur was also so much nicer than I thought when we arrived! If you would have asked me prior to this last day I would have said there is really nothing there as we didn't see much when we drove off the ferry, but it was a really cute town! We wandered around town until it was time to check in for the ferry

On the ferry back the suites were booked when I booked so we just had a Nordic Delux Cabin. Not as big, but plenty of room to relax. We waited forever in the van to get on - there is not that big of a holding area for cars so they would let enough through to the holding area until it was full then you had to wait for it to clear again. We got there early-ish and it took us 2 hours till we got on the boat. 

And we are off headed for home!

And the last views of Iceland. We had such a great time there and this last day was a wonderful way to end the trip! So beautiful and such a nice day! We definitely will go back again!

Walked 11.5km 


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