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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Quick stop in the Faroe Islands

On the ferry to Iceland after a full day at sea we woke up arriving in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands! We had a few hours to wander around and see what we could see and it was really nice to get off the boat and stretch our legs a little. We could see the stairs to get off the boat from our room and when we arrived there were a ton of people waiting to go down so we decided to wait until it calmed down a bit before exiting. 

It was a tad overcast when we arrived, but the sun quickly came out when we started wandering. 

Always important to not bring rats along in your luggage

Our ferry

Tinganes - the grass roof government buildings on the water

Lots of grass roof buildings we wandered by

We found a nice path to explore

That quickly turned into a lovely park with lots of trees and birds

When we took a break we looked at the map and found this waterfall that wasn't too far away so decided to head there and check it out. 

The area was beautiful! You could see the water, lots of sheep and lots of small paths to wander down

There were so many babies! After taking a break at the waterfall it was time to start heading back towards the boat

A stop to explore Skansin - an old fort - which was right across from the port

By then I was hungry - we foolishly did not take a snack with us - so we went aboard again. They moved the boat while we were out (which did panic Raymond a bit when we first saw it wasn't where we left!) and so had to take a little shuttle to get back on board. The guy who was working there was chatting with us while we waited and was telling us all about the fort - there were two types of cannons we saw - the small ones were from pirate days and the larger ones were from the British during WWII when they occupied the island. Apparently afterwards they tried to become a sovereign nation, but it didn't happen and they are still part of Denmark, though they have their own language and the people living there are not part of the EU. He was super friendly and it was nice chatting with him. 

Then in the early afternoon we set off for our final stop - Iceland!

You sail through the islands on the way which was beautiful! 

The water was a gorgeous color!

It was really beautiful and next time we will definitely have to have a longer stop in the Faroe Islands! The water did start to get pretty rough while we were sailing through the islands and once we were back out into the open ocean it was really rough and got worse as the day went on. I kept my SeaBands on and somehow I did not get sick even though the boat was rocking all over the place! I was so happy they actually work for me as I know they don't for everyone. If you are someone who gets motion sick I would definitely recommend trying them out. 

Even though we only left the boat for about 3 hours we still walked all over the place and got 10.1km of walking in. Not too shabby. Next stop Iceland!


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