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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 6 - Sólheimajökull, Solheimasandur, Skógafoss trail

Day 6 we woke up to lots of clouds. We stayed at the Skógafoss campsite the night before and would stay again this night as we had 2 days worth of things to do in the area. I had planned to go visit the black sand beach and things there, but when we checked the wind it was purple in that area so we saved that for the next day (and hoped the wind would be better). 

So the first stop on my list was Sólheimajökull. You can take a glacier walk tour from here, but we were here so early we were the only ones there. 

This was the best glacier we went to! The ice was so cool, and blue

And you could walk up and touch it! Plus it was not very cold by it which was odd, but we didn't freeze which was good

We took a nice break and just sat and enjoyed the glacier for a bit. Small pieces kept falling off 

the birds in the area were making a racket which was fun

After enjoying our fill we headed off to Solheimasandur - the plane wreck on the black sand beach. It is a bit of a walk from the parking lot, but all flat. It is weird as it seems like you should be able to see it from where you park, but it looks like there is nothing between you and the water. 

There was a shuttle between the parking lot and the plane wreck, but we decided to walk. Which was fine...but pretty windy. Luckily the wind was warm, but I don't love wind so after a while it does get to be a tad annoying.

After the long walk we took another break on the beach here to enjoy, but the wind was constant. It is a giant, very flat area so nothing to break it and even though it was not super strong crazy wind, it was strong enough. 

While sitting on the beach Raymond found these two red rocks that looked very red on the ground

But in his hand they looked black to our eyes, though the photo makes them look darker red. It was weird! Once we were ready to head back we decided to take the shuttle as we were tired of all the wind! I cannot imagine walking around out here if the wind were really strong! The shuttle ride took longer than we expected, and the driver drove a bit crazy, but much nicer than walking. 

After the plane wreck it was back to Skógafoss to explore the top! You can take the stairs up on the side and then walk as far as you can/want to walk along the river at the top. Over the summer when the Highlands are clear of snow you can do a multi-day trek from here. If you are here and have some time I highly recommend walking along here. It was beautiful and so many waterfalls to see!

Top of the waterfall

And the view from there

Hestavaðsfoss - the next waterfall you get to along the path. The walk is really nice, pretty easy, and lots of waterfalls. The water was also so pretty! 



The water color was just beautiful and the picture does not do it justice!



This doesn't look like much, but standing there was so loud and I loved it! You had to walk down a little side path to get to it and it was so nice! This is as far as we walked as not much farther down there was snow so we turned around here. Ended the walk on a high

There were lots of clouds on our walk, and it did sprinkle on us a few times, but the clouds really started rolling in while we were hiking back. We had perfect timing though as just as we got back to the car and got settled in it started to pour! And was raining hard for most of the evening. It was perfect timing as we did not get wet!

All in all we walked 16.5km 


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