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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 28 - Ásbyrgi, Hljóðaklettar, Dettifoss

Day 28 was yet again a gorgeous day! So sunny and warm with no wind! 

Today we walked a lot around Ásbyrgi starting with the A7 hike along the top of the opposite canyon wall than the day prior. You can walk the whole way along the top to a viewpoint where you can see the lake below.

This walk was really nice, but so hot in the sun! It was only 12 degrees, but I was sweating so much and wishing I would have brought my shorts! 

There were so many birds nesting in the canyon walls!

There was also this small waterfall by the last viewpoint

We took a long break here and watched the Fulmar gliding around which was a lot of fun! They would come so close!

On the way back we went a slightly different way going inland a little bit and following another  trail

We went the other way mainly to spy on this lake. I thought oh, we can take another break by the lake which should be nice. Only we got there and there were so many bugs! So many. I quickly took a photo and we moved on as fast as possible! 

We did see some game birds though which we hadn't before so that was fun

When we got back we drove the whole way down the road into the canyon to the last parking lot to spy on the lake and whatever else we could see down there. There are a couple short trails that make a small loop which is what we did. 

There was also this short nature trail about the plants in the areas which was super fun!

Then we headed out. This was the point we walked to the day prior. 

We were trying to decide what to do with the rest of the day. We could drive around along the water or take the road back to Dettifoss and see what we could see. We decided to go the Dettifoss route as it was quicker and I had a few places to check out marked on the map. Though this was a random stop - I saw a point of interest sign and followed it to spy. 

This viewpoint from the upper road was gorgeous!! Such cool basalt rocks!

Then we went down the lower road to Hljóðaklettar and had a short wander in the rocks. It was so nice!!

This is definitely an area we need to go back to! There were lots of trails to follow, but because we spent so much time at Ásbyrgi we didn't have time to hike them all! 

Then since we were driving by we decided to stop at Dettifoss again as the area was gorgeous and maybe spy more in the area...but it wasn't as nice all dry and sunny! The rocks surrounding it that you had to walk through were way cooler in the rain. 

But lots of rainbows in the sun!

Then we headed off for camp, which wasn't going to be that long of a drive...but it was closed! So we headed on and the next open campground we found was Camp Egilsstaðir! Where we camped the first night! We had made a full loop of the island! Much longer drive than I expected and we drove through such a long area of absolutely nothing! No buildings of any kind, no plants, no animals, nothing! It was pretty cool. But it was much colder in Egilsstaðir!

A big day of walking, but so so nice! 20.9km walked in total


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