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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 27 - Húsavík, Whale Watching Tour, Ásbyrgi

Day 27 was another gorgeous day! Got up and headed towards Húsavík stopping at the Lake Mývatn viewpoint. 

Then on to Húsavík!

It was such a nice day we decided to do a whale watching tour! Prior to the trip I had heard a lot of people talk about how you will get seasick here, so I wasn't sure we would do this, but it was so nice I said why not? It was not windy, the water was pretty flat, and the sun was shining, everything was perfect!

We took a tour with Gentle Giants as they had the next boat leaving soon and was not full yet. They give you a warm-ish jumpsuit to wear so you hopefully don't get too cold (I still wore all my layers underneath!)

What a gorgeous day!

And we saw some humpback whales!

We had the perfect spot too! The whale was coming up on our side of the boat and we could see all the things! Really there weren't that many people on the boat so everyone could see pretty well. 

Heading back to dock they had a piece of baleen to look at which was pretty cool

It was such a nice morning! No seasickness, saw some whales, were out on the water in the sun, it was perfect. 

That afternoon we headed towards Ásbyrgi with some planned stops along the way. 

This was just a spot that was beautiful along the way!

But our other stops? We couldn't find any parking or anything so we ended up just driving straight to Ásbyrgi

Ásbyrgi is a horseshoe shaped canyon with lots of trails to wander around on

We were going to camp somewhere else for the night, but since we were here we decided to just stay here and do a nice late afternoon hike along the one side of the canyon. 

We decided on the A2 trail as it was only 4.5km and you walked along the top of this cliff and started from the campground. 

This again felt like we were back in the desert!

The campground from the ridge

Lots of geese

After dinner we took a short walk along the bottom of the cliffs

It was really gorgeous! A wonderful day with 12.9km walked


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