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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 26 - Goðafoss, Aldeyjarfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss

Day 26 was a gorgeous day! I was so glad we saved Aldeyjarfoss for today as the walk was beautiful! First up though we stopped at Goðafoss again to see if the water was nicer today in the sun. 

Only it was the same color, but from the road coming down to it it looked much bluer. 

Then it was on to Aldeyjarfoss. This was a ways down a gravel road and I knew we would have to park where it turned into an F road and walk the rest of the way. The gravel road was actually pretty okay to drive down. I could go relatively fast (not near the speed limit still, but much faster than most gravel roads) except for a few km section in the middle that was really slow going. We parked by this farm just before the F road as there were gates and stuff to go through and we weren't sure there would be parking farther down and I was glad we did as there were some really large potholes filled with water so you couldn't tell how deep they were just before the parking where it turns into an F road. 

Such a gorgeous day for a walk!

And the waterfall was beautiful! I thought this was going to be a 6km one way walk, but it was only 4km! We ended up getting there just in time for a break!

So much fun columnar basalt!

When planning I made note that there was another waterfall just over 3km down the road, but since I thought Aldeyjarfoss was farther than it was I wasn't sure if we would be up for the walk. Since we got to Aldeyjarfoss so early we headed on to spy on Hrafnabjargafoss and eat lunch there. 

The road just after the Aldeyjarfoss was closed to cars, blocked off with a chain, but people obviously decided they can do whatever they want as there were so many tire tracks driving around the posts/chain which was sad. 

But the walk was so nice!

Hrafnabjargafoss was so pretty! I loved it! It was like three waterfalls in one. This one with so much water going over, a smaller one down a little bit, then at the end more like rapids or rocky waterfall. So much fun!

We sat here next to the side of the waterfall for lunch (back a good bit from the water) which was lovely. So much water!

After lunch we walked down to enjoy the full view of the falls, but these rocks were a haven for spiders! So many spiders everywhere!! It was crazy how many there were as we hadn't seen any up until this point. 

Then it was time to head back. 

We were talking about where we wanted to camp as we could camp the same place we did the night prior, a grassy lot with no real views, but peaceful, or we could drive back to Mývatn and camp at Hlíð ferðaþjónusta. Either way was about the same drive time in the morning to our next stop so we decided to go back to Hlíð ferðaþjónusta and see what the views were like on a sunny day. They were gorgeous!! 

And there were so many more people camping as it was a saturday. It seemed like a lot of people who lived there were set up for a weekend of relaxing at the campsite. 

Such a nice day and I was glad we came back to see this area when it was clear! So many mountains we didn't know were there! So beautiful! 

Lots of walking today - 19.5km total


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