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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 2 - Hengifoss & drive to Höfn

On our second day we woke up to some fresh snow on the ground! 

After breakfast we headed off to our first stop - Hengifoss - with a quick stop at a viewpoint on Lagarfljót which was pretty windy. This morning was definitely the most wind we had on the trip the strongest wind, though it wasn't knocking us over or anything like that. 

We did see lots of reindeer in the Eastfjords!

Heading up to Hengifoss! This was pretty windy, you had to fight a little bit against the wind going up and the wind was FREEZING cold. Every time we stopped for a photo it was quickly take off a glove and snap a photo as quickly as possible and put the glove back on before my hands completely froze. It was an absolutely beautiful hike though!

Another waterfall on the way to the top

It's hard to see, but there are 2 bands of dark, bright red clay around the waterfall and it was gorgeous in person!

This was as close as we could go as the trail past here was closed and it was so windy we only stayed a minute. It kept trying to knock us over!

Trying to take a quick break before heading down without losing anything to the wind!

After our hiking adventures we were off towards Höfn where we would camp for the night. First we had to drive up and over a pass which was so beautiful! So much new snow made everything so pretty!

Where we stopped to have lunch

Most of the next photos are from places where we pulled off the road to take photos! This drive was so nice! Every two feet I wanted to stop and take photos! But that adds a lot of eventually I had to make due with only once and a while...

After driving through a tunnel we came out the other side to super sunny and gorgeous!

Just driving through the Eastfjords on 1 is so nice! I was wishing we had an extra day here to split it up into two days as it was so nice!


Hvalnes Lighthouse

These were some of my favorite mountains! They were so pretty and even more colorful in person. Lots of streaks of greens, reds, blues, greys, blacks and browns all over. They looked painted. This is the view looking back towards the road from the lighthouse. 

Definitely one of my favorite areas of the trip

We had to stop at the red chair...which is a red chair on some rocks

Our campsite at Camping Höfn - there were lots of areas to camp with nice views of the surrounding mountains. 

The drive got a bit long today since I stopped so often for photos, but it was so beautiful! Definitely will come back and spend more time in the areas we just drove through. There was one spot where we had to pull over and wait for the winds in the next fjord to die down as they were strong (they were 19 and I had noted to not drive in anything over 14). Luckily it didn't take long to die down. We had a break then got some gas since we were waiting and by the time we were done the winds were in the safe range once again. This was only one of two times we could have potentially come across crazy winds, but really the winds at the top of Hengifoss were the worst we encountered which was really lucky. I was expecting a lot more and a lot stronger wind all the time!

Even though it was a lot of driving with the hike in the morning we still walked 10.2km 


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