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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 17 - Kirkjufell, Grundarfoss, Stykkishólmur, Selvallafoss, Reykhólar

Day 17 we woke up to some light rain, but by the time we got going it was just low clouds

First stop was Kirkjufell, though the tip was in the clouds

Since the clouds were moving pretty fast we thought we would wander around the area some and see if the top of the mountain would come out. We found a small trail to a small waterfall so went to check it out, but this was as close as you could go. The views were really nice though

There was a gravel area by the top so we decided to sit and have a break and found so many super pretty rocks! Look at those colors!!

They were gorgeous! So bright and colorful! If you could take rocks home with you my bag would have been full of these! They were just so nice and colors you don't normally see

The clouds in the area started to clear up, but the top never quite did.  We had gotten here early and parked in the parking lot which you have to pay for (though you have to go to a website and pay not via the parka app), but so many people were trying to avoid that and just park on the side of the road. By the time we left it was such a mess. So many big campers trying to park in little spots on the side of the road where they don't really fit because they don't want to pay for parking. I can't imagine what this area is like in the summer when it is busier - I imagine cars just parked everywhere so they don't have to pay which is ridiculous. 

Then we went just down the road to Grundarfoss

This was just a short walk from the parking lot, but this was as far as you could walk

Then he headed out toward Stykkishólmur stopping at viewpoints along the way

We ate lunch at the harbor in Stykkishólmur

Then walked down to explore the Súgandisey Island Lighthouse

Then views were really nice from the lighthouse hill

You can take a ferry from Stykkishólmur to the south side of the West Fjords, which takes about the same amount of time as driving, but we decided against that as I couldn't find any open campsites near where the ferry docks (and we didn't want to take the long ferry to just drive a few hours anyways to a campsite as they ferry got in kind of late). So after a bit we headed out since it would be a long drive to camp. 

We did make a quick stop at Selvallafoss which you cannot see from the parking lot, but the views are so nice!

But if you hike down a little ways, just a few minutes, you see the falls

You can even walk behind the waterfall and you don't get wet!

When we got back up to the car a big tour bus had just parked and everyone got out to take photos...but no one went down to spy on the waterfall! I was like it is just down the hill a min - you could probably make it there and back in 5 min if you had to it is not far! But they missed it...i'm guessing they didn't know about it

Then it was off to continue on toward Reykhólar

The campsite was right next to this outdoor area with lots of birds

And some geothermal stuff

When we got there it was sprinkling and freezing cold wind, but we wandered about a bit after the long drive. 

The campsite was also just below this public swimming pool so after dinner we went to check it out since it was a) outdoors and b) only one other person was there. We were told there were pools everywhere, but up until now all the ones we saw were indoors which because of covid we were not comfortable with (yes, you have to shower inside, but we were limiting our no-mask inside time)

It was so nice!! I really didn't think swimming would work for me as it was so cold outside. I had tried to sit in an outdoor hot tub on a trip before during the winter and I still froze, but here? It was heaven! The pool was warm

This bird kept sounding the alarm. He would sit here on this post telling everyone everything, then fly around a bit and come back to tell everything else. 

And then you could go sit in the hot tubs also. We kept going between the two and the pool was cool after the hot tub, but not ice cubes like I am used to from other places. It was so nice! I could swim around and not freeze then go relax in the hot tub until I got too hot and then back in the pool. And repeat. Oh, it was wonderful. 

Then back to the car for the night. Oh, it was lovely being able to swim (one of my favorite things) and relax! Though swimming is exhausting!

Overall a great day with 13km walked


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