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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 14 - Barnafossar, Glanni Waterfall, Grábrók, & Elborg Crater

Day 14 we woke up to a beautiful day! 

We drove down to the Akranes lighthouse again to see if we could see any fat seals, but the tide was in and there were none. 

"All the wonders of lava caving without the hassles" What hassles are there that this is freeing you from? I assumed all lava cave tours would be hassle free!

Our first real stop of the day was Barnafossar! This was a long-ish drive from where we started, but such a fun area to walk around in. And it was so warm!! I started off all bundled up and had to take off all my layers!

There was water flowing out everywhere!

We spied on all the popular spots, but then walked down along the river for a bit to see what we could see

We drove a bit farther down the road afterwards and it was gorgeous!

Then off to check out Deildartunguhver which was tiny! There is a spa place there as well that looks pretty new, but this is basically the entire area to look at so it was a really quick stop.

Then we headed off to hike to/around Glanni waterfall. We got here and it really felt like the desert. I kept expecting it to be like 40 outside as it looked so dry and hot! It was warm, but only 15 degrees, though with the sun that was really warm!

Glanni waterfall - this was really green which was different than the other waters we had seen up until this point. Later I learned that this area had a lot of olivine basalt which probably accounts for the color

This area was just down the way from the waterfall - Paradise waterhole - and was so nice!! I enjoyed this more than the waterfall as it was so pretty! And there was no one else there. 

Such a beautiful day! After spying on Paradise we kept exploring down river

It was so hot I said let's stick our feet in the water and man that water was cold! I could only keep them in for a second! 

It was only 15 degrees, but sunny and no wind and man that sun is hot! I said it before on another post, but I didn't expect to ever wear just a t-shirt on this trip as it wasn't going to be that warm. 15 is definitely too cold for a t-shirt here, but in Iceland? The sun is so much warmer!

After exploring the Glanni area we headed down the road to hike up Grábrók crater which was so cool! But the walk up the stairs was so so hot! The sun is no joke! This was much nicer than Kerid in our opinion (but the tiny crater was still our favorite)

The views of the surrounding area were also super nice!

We could see these stones from the top so went to spy on them when we got down again and it was the site of an old corral for sheep

On the way to camp we stopped at a viewpoint

That was beautiful!! It looked out over all the mountains in the distance

Our campsite for the night was also in a nice location!

We got there around 5 and found out there was this crater 3km away so of course we had to walk over and check it out!

The walk was fairly flat

Until you get to the crater then you climb straight up the side!

This crater was also pretty cool! Almost as cool as the tiny one! The rocks were similar and such pretty colors!

Got back to camp and had dinner outside. 

We camped at Snorrastadir Farm Holidays which was in a beautiful location! There were also a lot of Arctic Terns around which was our first sighting of them and I loved them! They were one of my favorite birds from the trip. They would just hover in the air and when they landed they would keep their wings out for a bit. Really pretty too. So much fun, though after we got back I found out that they can dive bomb people if you get too close! I did not know as we had no issues with them. 

A great day with 17.5km walking


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