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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 12m - Fagradalsfjall & Reykjavik

Day 12 was yet again another gorgeous day! We started the day by going to Fagradalsfjall volcano to see the new lava flows! Yes, it is not erupting anymore, but we still really enjoyed our time there

There are 2 places to park here with hikes on either side of the lava (and up the ridges) and we just parked at one and hiked trail C which was a lot of fun!

All the new lava!

I saw online some people questioning why anyone would want to come here since it is not erupting, but like I said it was so much fun! And if it is nice out like it was this day, the surrounding views are beautiful! Plus it is new lava! What's not to enjoy?

After we hiked up the ridge as far as we wanted to go we went to check out the bottom of the lava flow. You can walk right up to it!

I mean this alone was worth a stop! How many times do you get to see new lava? It was even still steaming even though it had been many months since it last erupted!

It was so cool!!

After that we headed into Reykjavik to explore! Reykjavik was both larger and smaller than we expected. It spreads out over a much larger area that we thought it would, but the main downtown area was easy to walk in not that much time. We did a loop with a few stops to enjoy in about 2-2.5 hours. 

First stop - ice cream!

Then up to Hallgrimskirkja - and yes it did get very cloudy by the time we got to Reykjavik, but luckily didn't rain on us and wasn't windy

It was very plain inside with I enjoyed

Then down to Tjörnin which was nice to walk around

Then over to Harpa Concert Hall which was really nice inside. Lots of little shops with really nice things


If you watch the bachelor this might be the staircase where it all happened! 

Then we walked down Laugavegur pedestrian road

Till we cut over to Sun Voyager

And stopped for some fries on the way out. These were good, but not the best we have ever had

Overall Reyjkavik was more fun that I expected. I didn't plan a lot of time there because we didn't want to go to museums or anything and really I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. It wasn't very busy (it was a Saturday and I wondered if it was busier during the week) and felt like a cute small town even though it is a city. Lots of fun street art as well. Will definitely spend more time here when we go back!

In the evening we drove out to camp at Camping Thingvellir to stay as we would explore the park the next day

Though how many people come here drunk for them to need to put this in the brochure??

All in all a really good day and 16.3km walked


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