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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 10 - The Golden Circle

Day 10 we woke up to a magical winter wonderland! A few inches at least and I was so excited!! I love snow and it was magical!

We did look at the road conditions before heading off to make sure they weren't too bad, but they looked fine on (and the people camping in the camper next to us had gone to spy on the road and reported back that it was clear. We just had to make it out to the road from the campsite). So after some breakfast off we went

First stop - Gullfoss. It was still snowing when we were there and oh, I loved it!

All the snow! And water! There are a few viewpoints here - this is from the lower viewpoint

View from the farthest point of the lower viewpoint - pretty close to the water!

After we spied down below it was time to spy from the upper area

All the snow!!

At the time this was my favorite waterfall in terms of the actual water falling - it was hard to talk about favorite waterfall because some of them were cool because you could walk behind them or because the surroundings were fun or whatever, but I like the look of this one by itself. Lots of levels of waterfall which I enjoy. Plus it was snowing!!

After Gulfoss we drove over to Brúarhlöð Canyon which I didn't realize but we had driven by here the night before on the way to camp. It was some place that had the day prior not been so long I would have stopped as we were driving by so I was happy we made it back there. 

This was a pretty quick stop, but really nice. Definitely worth a quick stop if you are in the area

When we got there another van pulled up a few moments later, a lady got out of the van and ran over to this picnic table and made these two little snowmen, then she got back in the car and they drove off. It was odd

The ground was also steaming where it was wet which was so weird! The road too! It was just above freezing, snowing off and on, and no sun, but it was steaming! We were definitely in a geothermal area, but it was so weird driving along that. 

Next stop was Geysir which we both loved! I was so glad it snowed the night before as it really made the whole area magical! 

Lots of steam and bubbling water/mud!

You could hike up to this viewpoint and see out over everything! The snow really made it so beautiful!

Strokkur geyser going off! It erupts every few minutes so you don't have to wait long. The day we were there it would go off in a small spray of water, then 2-3 minutes later a much larger one. This was the larger one. 

Really a fun area to explore

Next up was Bruarfoss which is a short hike along this river

It starts off as a gravel trail

But once you got into the tree it was really muddy and a bit slippery. We were glad we had our gaiters! 

Then you come out of the trees to the river again which was unbelievably gorgeous! 

The water color was insane! I didn't do anything to this photo, this was the actual color of the water! Walking along it I kept thinking it looked like we were in a candy factory and this was the liquid that would turn into gummy sharks or something. So cool!

Like it doesn't even look real! 

Oh, this waterfall was so beautiful! My favorite of the trip and would definitely go back again! I love all the water flowing over the rocks in smaller falls, all the layers, it was just gorgeous! Plus that water color!

I loved it! We ended up eating lunch here and enjoying the falls!

Afterwards we wandered back to the car and headed off to Friðheimar to get some tomato soup for dinner. This was one of the things most people recommend online, the soup it supposed to be super good, and you eat in a greenhouse where they grow the tomatoes! Because of covid we were not comfortable eating inside with others so we were going to pick up some to go. Well we went into the shop and found some in a jar, I checked the ingredients just to make sure it was vegan like I had seen online, only to find it has mango in it!! I am allergic to mango! This was such a disappointment as I was looking forward to grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner! But I was super glad we didn't eat there as I never would have thought to ask about mango in the soup! Who puts mango in tomato soup? They do! Oh well. I am sure it is good if you can eat it...

After that disappointment we went down the road to Faxi waterfall which...was alright, but you had to pay for parking and by that time we didn't want to wander all over so was a bit meh. 

After Faxi we decided to just head to camp early and do some laundry. We camped at Camping Selfoss which was the busiest campground we stayed at. So many people all over the place and so many were in the kitchen making food when we were trying to wash out dishes. It hailed a bit, then afterwards this perfect half-circle rainbow came out!

Even though we got to camp early we still did a lot of walking. 20.3km total


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