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Campervan Adventures in Bavaria: Wallberg & Brauneck

The next day we once again drove over to Tegnersee for some hiking, but this time at the southern tip of the lake to hike up Wallberg. There is a cable car that runs up, but we decided to hike up as everything said it was an easy hike and then take the cable car back down.  

The hike up has 2 paths, the summer path and the winter path. We decided to take the winter path which is slightly longer, but looked to be a little less steep. 

The path was still pretty steep and we kept leapfrogging another family who was hiking up. We would pass them, then stop for a break to have some water and food and they would pass us, then we would pass then, and repeat the whole way up. They were really nice and we had little chats every time we went by, encouraging each other and whatnot. It was also in a forest, but you kept getting these glimpses of the views which was nice. 

We came across this little mouse on the trail who did not care at all that we were there! He just went about doing his thing. 

It was really humid and I was sweating like crazy climbing up, but I was so glad for the most part we were in the shade! If we had to make the climb in the sun that would have been so much hotter and probably would have taken much longer. As it was I was overheating on the way up so add in the sun and it would have been a no go for me. 

Not quite at the top yet, but this is Setzberg, the mountain next to Wallberg. 

It was such a beautiful day and the views were amazing!


And we are at the top! Of course there is a small chapel there

Lots of paragliders take off from the area between the trees here

Since we made it to the top we deserved a drink! 

With a view!

And some french fries for our efforts. 

It was so nice sitting with a cold beverage after than long, hot climb

After our drinks and snacks we moved over to the field to eat our actual lunch. Such a nice day!

And finally heading down. 

It might not look like it, but this was so steep! We were both like we climbed up this high?!? 

Afterwards we headed back to the campsite and a 10 min walk away was Brauneck - another cable car which we could ride up and back for free with our visitor card we got from the campground. Now I didn't even realize there was a cable car here or that it was so close. When I was looking at things to do for our trip, hikes to take, no one mentioned Brauneck so without the card we never would have gone up there.

Heading up! From the ground I was just meh on this. Like it cost 21 Euro/person to go up and back which is a lot. And being in this valley was nice, but it didn't look like it would be nice enough to justify the price. But for free? Why not spy. 

A reservoir on from the cable car on the way up.

It was so beautiful at the top!

One of my all time favorite things is when you can see rows of mountains that are at different distances so the farther away ones are lighter and the closer ones are darker and this had that! 

And the cross at the top

Look at how beautiful this is! If we had had another day I would have definitely come back and hiked around up here. As it was we didn't have a lot of time to explore before the cable cars were closing, but just enough time to see all the views.

And headed back down

Some horses trying to pretend to be cows with their cowbells, but they couldn't fool us!

This was another long day, 15km/9 miles was what my Fitbit registered, but it was beautiful! All the cable cars, all the views, the weather was perfect, oh I wish I were still on the trip hiking!


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