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Campervan Adventures in Bavaria: Partnachklamm

I was super excited for Partnachklam after hiking Höllentalklamm a few days prior and absolutely loving it. Plus this gorge is advertised everywhere and is one of the things to do in the area. The day was a bit overcast and drizzly, but since we were just hiking in a gorge and would get wet anyways it didn't matter. Some sheeps on the way to the entrance.

There on the left is the path to the entrance...pretty flat

We fully geared up with raincoat, pants, and pack covers before heading in

This trail was not as wet as the other one as most of the water was falling off the overhangs not onto the actual trail

It was another beautiful gorge hike, but a lot busier which makes sense. It is so easy to get to and so much more accessible. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't that wet! Also interesting that the tunnels had no lights in them and some were super dark!

After leaving the gorge we walked a bit farther than took a trail that would loop around back to the start, but first climbed up a bit to get to the top of the gorge. I think there are actually 2 ways to loop around, a trail to the left right when you get out of the gorge and a trail farther up to the right. We took the one farther up. 

These last 2 photos don't look very impressive, but there was a bridge over the gorge where you could look down on it and it was really cool. The highlight of the hike for me.

We stopped just outside the entrance to eat lunch and take off some of the rain gear (it was still sprinkling so the coat stayed on). I planned this trip then was talking with my two girlfriends here about when we were going and it ended up they each had planned vacation for the same time! Without talking to each other about it! Which was super odd, but oh well. My one friend said they were going to southern Germany and Austria and I was all we are going to southern Germany! But we didn't talk about where specifically we were going. Then when we were in Königsee I found out she was there too! And in this area at the same time as well! Well...we were hiking back to the car and Raymond said look who is coming this way. It was my friend!! So crazy that we actually ran into her on vacation that we independently planned and not only did our itineraries match up a lot, we actually ran into her and her family on our vacation! So crazy!

The parking for the gorge was by this ski jump - where Eddie the Eagle trained for the Olympics!

It was another shorter day as after our morning hike we headed back to the campsite and read all afternoon. And the weather at the campsite was once again much nicer than at the trail. It was only 13 km/8 miles walked according to my Fitbit. 


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