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Campervan Adventures in Bavaria: Herzogstand & Kranzberg

The next day we got up early and got ready because it was forecasted thunderstorms in the afternoon. We definitely did not want to be on top of the mountains if/when it was thunderstorming. And we could see some of the sunrise!

First stop - Walchensee & the Herzogstandbahn. Since we potentially didn't have a full day to hike around we decided to try and be here to take the first cable car up to the top and then hike around up there a bit. Save a bit of time climbing up.

At the top of the cable car! 

First we hiked to the top of Herzogstand which didn't take too long, but it was so incredibly windy and cold!! It was almost blowing me over! 

This path zigzagging up that mountain to Martinskopt was our second stop of the day! The main trail is the one that leads back to the cable car.

After enjoying the views on Herzogstand it was time to head back down towards Marinskopf, taking a break along the way

And encountering Wooloo! Naturally the sheep pokemon would be up here

View from our break spot

The cross on Martinskopf - you can see the trail to the top of Herzogstand!

I thought there would be more hiking to be had up at the top, but really it was just those 2 short trails that we did. The only other options were to hike down, but the hike would lead to a point a lot farther down on the lake from where we parked, or a black trail that led to the next mountain over - black is technical trails so probably some actual rock climbing or something involved. Something where you would need more gear than normal hiking gear so that was a no-go. We ended up just taking the cable car back down to find a spot along the lake to relax and bit and then eat lunch. 

Where we ate lunch on Walchensee

After lunch we had yet another free cable car ride with the discount pass we got from the campsite - this time the Kranzberg-Lift!

This one was fun because it was single chairs! And another super quiet chair lift! It was almost silent!

When we got to the top of the chair lift we hiked up to the top of Kranzberg

There were these super comfy seats at the top and once we got here I realized that this was a hike I had planned for another day. We would have hiked up the opposite side from the chair lift so I didn't realize it was the same place. This view is also the same mountain that we can see from the campsite, just a different view.

The clouds seemed to be coming in so after a short break we headed out. We decided to hike down to the parking lot, but instead of going the same way as the chair lift went we went via Luatersee

I have no idea what this arrow was pointing at...

I loved these bumpy grass


Another tiny chapel

Went by a rock garden

And this was back by the parking lot. Overall it was a great day, but long as we were out most of the day. Fitbit recorded 18 km/11 miles

And we didn't get any thunderstorms! It didn't even rain while we were out. We did hear some rumbles of thunder in the evening, but we were in that little area at the bottom above the dark black line on this weather map (the dark line is the Austrian/German border) and the rain pretty much stayed all around us, but not on us. We did get a little bit overnight though. Our last campsite was very close to the purple areas! If we were still there we definitely would have had thunderstorms! 


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