Campervan Adventures in Bavaria: On the way to Königssee!

Hello hello! It has been forever! And forever since we have actually traveled...but we just got back from a 2.5-week campervan adventure to the German Alps! Oh, it was wonderful. Hiking every day, trying out a campervan for the first time, just being out in nature for so long was so very needed. And every day was just beautiful! For our first camper van adventure we rented a VW California Ocean here in Berlin, packed it up and headed south! Since we left in the late afternoon we stopped at a non-descript campsite a few hours south of here so we wouldn't have as far to drive the next day to our first official stop - Königssee! First night was leftovers heated up on the stove - easy peasy and good to get used to how things worked. 

Our first views of the mountains! This is just from a rest stop outside of Munich on the way to Königssee!

Our first campsite! This was perfectly situated for our hiking - town/the start of most of our trails or transportation was a 10 min walk away! Plus you can see the mountains all around!

And it was right next to this river that provided a lot of wonderful white noise for sleeping!

Since we drove all day we took a quick walk into town and our first looks at Königssee

Our campsites were all really nice. I loved being able to relax and hear the river and see the mountains and just enjoy the nature. I know it looks like the other car is pretty close, but it wasn't really. Plenty of room to stay farther apart (plus their "outside area" was on the other side of their car so we each had our own small area to ourselves). One thing that was really great about the trip, besides just being out in nature and actually traveling again, is that it felt relatively safe. Everyone was wearing masks inside, we had to show our vaccine status (or you could do a test every day) to do most things if they involved being inside (the campsites, we took a lot of cable cars, sitting on the patio at a restaurant, etc all needed you to show you are fully vaccinated or have a negative test from that day). They were definitely still taking it seriously which was wonderful for us as then we didn't have to worry so much. We could just enjoy. I'll leave it here for now and update again with our first hike - to Kehlsteinhaus aka the Eagle's Nest. 



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