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Campervan Adventures in Bavaria: Hiking on Jenner

When I was planning this trip I saw a post that detailed a hike in the area that sounded fun. To start you took the boat to a stop on Königssee just for hiking. From there you hike up the mountains and then back down to town. After our first, long day of hiking I had planned an easier hike, but the weather forecast was not so good for the rest of our time here so we decided to do this hike the second day, only really modified! Instead of taking the boat and hiking up the mountain we took the Jennerbahn, a cable car that will take you almost to the very top of Jenner mountain! Higher than we would have gone with the hike we had planned even. There are two stops on the cable cars, one mid-way up and one at the top. When we woke up on day 2 it was so incredibly foggy you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you. I thought oh man, we are not going to be able to go up Jenner like planned! I mean we could, but we won't be able to see anything so why bother? And will any of the other days be better? Then, suddenly, around 9 it all cleared up! No more clouds in the sky! So off we went. We decided to ride the whole way to the top, then come back down to the mid-station and hike around there where it is flatter. Then we could either come back and ride the cable car back to the bottom, our original plan, or hike back down to town the way we would have if we would have followed the hike. 

Even though it was just me and Raymond in the car we still had to show we were vaccinated and wear masks!

It really was a beautiful day and the cable car was so silent! Even going over the support pillars! It made almost no noise. But there were a lot of cows with bells on on the hillside so you could hear the bells clanging and that's it. 

I mean it really turned out to be a beautiful day! This is from the very top right outside the station. There were paths all over you could follow

There was a path that led up to a higher viewpoint and more views of Königssee! Be prepared for all the photos as the next 2 days we wandered around in this same area so I have all of the views of Königssee!

You can see the lower of the two viewpoints you can hike up to. Some steps led up to an even higher viewpoint where you had 360-degree views!

It was so beautiful! I would definitely come back to this area and hike around again. And most of the stuff we did was accessible even if you are not super keen on hiking a lot. Sure, to get to the very top it is a small hike, some stairs, but doable as lots of people were making it up. This was one of my favorite spots on the trip and I was glad we got there early as it was already getting busy. 

After wandering around on the top it was time to head back to the mid-station

You can see the aforementioned cows in the field

From the mid-station we first walked down to the reservoir that is just below the station 

Just behind the trees is the station

This is taken right next to the pillar above and seriously it was so quiet! We couldn't get over it. You barely even heard the cars going by. You could sit here and enjoy nature and wouldn't even know it was there if you weren't looking at it. 

Raymond liked seeing what he could see with the binoculars. 

After the reservoir we headed towards the Hütte - a restaurant that was pretty much at the top of every hike we did. It is where we would have started going back to town if we would have taken the boat and hiked up to there. Our plan was to walk there and then back to take the cable cars down to town. There were lots and lots of cows along the relatively flat path.

Where we stopped for lunch

The Hütte is down this hill to the right in the photo. I was like okay, since we are not planning on getting a drink or anything if we are just going to come right back we don't have to walk the whole way down there. It was just a destination of somewhere to walk to and see what we can see. Then we decided it is so nice out and we are not exhausted or anything so why not just hike down into town? And see what else we can see. So off we went

First views of Königssee from the trail to town. A much lower viewpoint than that morning. 

As we were hiking down the clouds suddenly poured in! There was not that much time between the photo 2 up and the one just above!

Some tiny goats in town with tiny houses and tools!

By the time we got back to our van it had started raining lightly and you couldn't see the mountains again. We were hiking all day where the clouds are in the above photo. It was so nice we had such nice weather when we were up there and the clouds held off until we were almost done with our hike. Today was supposed to be an easier day than the day before, a shorter day since we didn't hike up the mountain, but it was another 20k/12 mile day! Just a bit flatter of a walk at times. Königssee is really a beautiful area and this was another amazing day. 


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