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Campervan Adventures in Bavaria: Eibsee & Bremsee & Fungi

The next day we woke up and it was quite cloudy, but we still headed off to hike around Eibsee. 

We stopped to take a break and enjoy the view...

And encountered some wild pokemon!

The lake is probably really beautiful when it is a sunny, clear day as the colors would be amazing and you could see some mountains in the background. 

This snail was giant! The shell was as big as my fist! I didn't know they got so big

After Eibsee we went into town to pick up a few things then headed back to the campsite...only the gate was down (the gate is closed every day from 12:30-14:30 I believe) so we had to find something else to do. Luckily it was a much nicer day over by our campsite (it was not that far from Eibsee, but the weather was completely different!) and there was another lake close by - Bremsee - so we went to spy on that. 

On google maps these benches were marked as romantic benches. We sat here for a bit then headed back to the car

And found so many different mushrooms/fungus along the way!

These were so tiny!

These looked so slimy!

And that was our day. We relaxed at our campsite and had a bit of an easier day. Still, Fitbit recorded 16 km/10 miles


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