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US Road Trip 2018: WA-Central CA

Phew it has been forever! I know I am super terrible about updating the site, but I do like having posts for me to look back on and see what we did where. I like having the photos all organized, I am just super bad at doing it. Last year when the pandemic hit I thought okay we are obviously not traveling anywhere I can update the blog! Only I didn't have the mental energy to do so. And then I kind of forgot about it as the world was kind of crazy. But now things have seemed to calm down a bit. Even though it is still a pandemic and we can't go do all the things it feels like there could be an end in sight. So back to trying to update all out old trips! 

First up - a US road trip! Raymond's brother was getting married in Vegas so we decided to make a road trip out of it. I started off with a week in Seattle to visit Gillian and friends while Raymond worked from Vancouver. He had been planning on going over anyways for work so it worked out well. I don't have many photos from the week

On that Friday Raymond took a bus down to Seattle and we headed out for our trip bright and early Saturday morning! The goal was to get to Northern CA to meet up with Max and Gretchen who were hiking the PCT! This was July so there were lots of forest fires and we saw a lot of smoke

We made it to Dunsmuir where we were going to stay and Max and Gretchen were going to take a zero day. It was so hot and so nice to catch up with them! I loved hearing all about their trip and how it was the same/how things changed from when we hiked it! There was this nice river by the train tracks in town that we hung out by 

In the afternoon Raymond and I went to explore Hedge Creek Falls which were...not super amazing. It was so hot and hiking up/down to them was a bit much as I am not one for the heat, but it was nice to get out and stretch our legs. 

The rocks were cool though and it was fun

The next day we said goodbye to Max and Gretchen as they continued their hike north while we headed south to Lassen National Park! The PCT goes through a section and it was on my list of places to go back to as I really enjoyed it. 

We kept stopping and doing small hikes as we did have a ways to go before we ended our day. It was so nice hiking through the woods and it was really beautiful. 

Such dirty feet from the walks!

There was still some snow!!

Going through these photos is making miss the mountains!

Bubbling sulphur steam vents

A quick story - while we were driving we stopped in this small, middle of nowhere town to get gas. I had gotten out of the car to stretch my legs and there was a lady walking into the gas station and she looked over at us and said super grumpy to me "That is a really nice dress." I laughed cause it sounded like she did not want to like it, but she did. Like against her better judgment she liked it. I thanked her and we chatted for a second, but it was funny. 

We ended our day in South Lake Tahoe! We didn't go down to town when we had hiked the PCT (the trail goes nearby and there is a post office up in the mountains we stopped at instead) so it was nice to check it out. 

We got a room that was right on the lake! That is the beach right there from our porch and the water!

And of course we watched the beautiful sunset from there! Oh, now I want to go on a hiking trip! Or at least a mountain wilderness trip! We did have one planned for Raymond's birthday last year (a campervan trip to try it out with lots of day hiking and little interaction with other people), but things were closed down before we could go. Maybe this year we will be able to! I do love the mountains!


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