Luzern, Switzerland, Day 1 - Exploring Old Town

After a wonderful couple of days in Zurich it was off to Luzern, Switzerland. 

We got there and got checked in and then went to check out the waterfront. There is a river that runs through the town and it was pretty nice 

Luzern was overall prettier than Zurich, but I preferred Zurich more. I'm not sure why. Luzern was alright, but it is not high on my list of places to go back to (even if it is picture perfect and we did lots of fun things there)

Kappelbrücke - the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe with paintings of events in Luzern's history

The downtown was really nice to wander around and spy 

We even found an ice cream cart that had vegan eis!

Lake Lucerne

Lots of places to stop and sit and have a beverage along the water

While we were sitting with a beverage these guys came by doing some capoeira!

Seriously beautiful town

Dinner at Phanat Thai - lots of noodles! Pad See Eew

And Pad Thai. Pretty tasty! I love Thai food!

After dinner it was perfect timing to sit by the water and watch the sunset

It was a really nice day spent exploring. The old town is beautiful and easily walkable. When we checked into our hotel they gave us a free bus pass, but except for the one day when we went out of town farther, we didn't need it as it is all walking distance which is nice. 


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