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When I was planning our train trip around Europe this spring I definitely wanted to stop by Luxembourg. I didn't know much about the country, but I did know that my friend lives here! So we stopped here on our travels to visit with her. 

We arrived in Luxembourg City Sunday evening and wandered around a bit

Before getting some dinner at Chi Chi's Mexican restaurant - veggie fajitas!

And tasty beverages. Yum!

The restaurant is right on the edge of a large square, Place d'Armes, and shortly after we sat down this band started playing music in the pavilion in the square! Live music for our dinner

Then we wandered down to the edge of the old town & the giant ravine that runs through the city!

I didn't know anything about Luxembourg city when we got there, but the ravine was pretty cool. It is all parks and such, a small town area, exercise places, a river, lots of fun to be had in the ravine!

There was construction going on in the ravine

The next morning we got up & had breakfast then met up with Silvia, my friend from book club! Oh it was so much fun! She is a fantastic tour guide and she showed us around town all morning. 

First we went down in the ravine!

Lots of old fortress walls

Small town in the ravine

Heading back up to the top

Views from the top

Wandering around old town

The palace of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg

After wandering we headed back to Silvia's place to meet her kids for lunch, then sent them back to school. Silvia is Italian and oh man her food is delicious. So simple, but soo good! She made us a risotto for lunch - yum! Then after the kids went back to school we headed out to a park near her house to wander around in the woods

It was the perfect day for a walk in the woods!

Then dinner - oh this was delicious! Pizza & roasted veggies & chickpea salad. Everything was amazing!! The pizza was one with tomato sauce and olives and garlic - really good - but my favorite was the one with just olive oil and some onions that had sat in some salt for a bit to soften them. Oh, I could have eaten all of that one! So simple, but one of the best things!! Oh, it was great. 

Sunset from Silvia's place. 

and me and Silvia. We had a really nice time just catching up with her and meeting her family. Luxembourg is really tiny so it worked out perfect to sightsee in the morning then relax and visit in the afternoon. 

The next morning before the train we decided to go to The Chocolate House to get some hot chocolate. It is apparently very popular and you put the spoon of chocolate in your hot milk - they had a vegan chocolate and a few different non-dairy milk options. 

When we got there there were barriers set up (it is across from the Duke's palace) and we were wondering what was going on. There were lots of cops and they had dogs sniffing everything and one cop came by with a mirror thing looking under everything. So we sat there and drank our hot chocolate (which was just okay btw - I wouldn't go back for it again) and they set up this red carpet and then stuff started happening!

A marching band came by

All of these people came and lined the side of the street we were on

Our table was right behind this guy!

Then the Duke & Duchess of Luxembourg and the President of Portugal came out! So the people lining the side must be vip's, but I don't know who any of them are. 

The all walked down to the end of the red carpet, then came back saying hello and shaking everyones hand

President of Portugal

Duke of Luxembourg

Then they went back inside. The whole thing didn't take very long, but it was fun to happen upon. I am glad we went to get hot chocolate!

Then we headed back to get our bags 

And the band marched right past our hotel!

You can see them go to the park at the edge of the ravine from our room. It was a very exciting morning!

We picked up our bags and walked over to the train station

Raymond's allergies were really acting up so he was not having the most fun. It was like quick, get our of Luxembourg so it will hopefully settle down!

We stopped by Flower's Kitchen and picked up a tart and salad for lunch on the train - super tasty!

That was our time in Luxembourg! It is not a very big country, Luxembourg City is not that big, but I really enjoyed our time there. I'm sure at least some of that is because we got to visit Silvia, but it was all a lot of fun :)


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