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Colmar, France Part 2 - All the museums!

So when we were wandering around Colmar and spying on all the things we saw a sign that we happened to be in Colmar on a free night at the museum! So most of the museums in town were free from 7pm-11pm/midnight (depending on the museum). So we of course had to go check them out! There were only four in town so we were able to go to all of them, though by the end we were so tired and our feet were so sore from a long day of exploring and long night of museums. 

First up was the Museum Bartholdi, but I didn't take any photos in there (I wasn't sure I was allowed and it was super busy, so many people!). It was super tiny, but interesting. There were a lot of models of ideas he had for different monuments and then what he actually ended up using. The one room was just ideas and designs for the Statue of Liberty which was cool. There wasn't a lot there, but what there was I enjoyed. 

Then it was over to the Natural History and Ethnology Museum

Cool bugs


A wildlife photo contest was going on with a theme of camouflage - there is a white bird in the photo above that is in the rocks (If you click on the photo it will take you to a larger version) 

View from the round staircase to exit. This museum was just okay. It was really tiny and seemed very old and was just meh. I would have been like that's it? If we had paid to go in, but for free it was fine. I love natural history museums, but this was probably my least favorite one we have been to. They just didn't have much that was interesting. 

No idea what this is!

Next up - Museum Unterlinden which had a little bit of everything from really old art to modern art, ceramics, photos, paintings, anything you could thing of. 

Martyrdom of Saint Catherine

The Isenheim Alterpiece

Bears vs Knights - who will win??


Don Coucoubazar

The staircase was cool. Museum Unterlinden was definitely the best museum we went to. It had a little bit of everything and was very nicely displayed. It was a bit of a maze, but lots of fun.

Our last museum, which I also really enjoyed, was the Toy and Little Train Museum!

It was just lots and lots of toys



This Jaws game looks like fun!

Casimir the dinosaur was a litle creepy. A children's TV show from the 70's

Little trains

The toy museum was a lot of fun if you like toys!

Last day we woke up and wandered back up to the Camps de Mars park

Then went back to Le Touerag for lunch - this time we tried the Pastille vegane - super good

And the couscous again


After lunch more wandering around town

Until it was time to head to the train station for our train to Luxembourg!

Overall Colmar was alright. It is cute, but the houses are in need of some sprucing up. It was nice that we were there for the night of museums so we could check those out, we were able to find some good vegan foods, but overall it was just meh. I mean the people were stereotypical French - kind of rude and not pleasant and I didn't like it that much. Definitely not on my list of places to go back to. 


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