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Stralsund, Germany Part 2 - Fishes!

Stralsund is a small town, but it has a ton of fish to spy on! Our second day there we went to the Ozeaneum, a big aquarium on the water. Lots of fishy photos ahead!

We got to this big tank while they were giving a talk about the fishes in it. Fun!

Raymond is suspicious of the penguins

You can see the seats in the middle of the photo here - this was a large room and the photo is taken from the top floor

We sat down in the seats for a moment and a recorded presentation started talking about the whales and such

It was kind of fun lounging in the big room looking at the giant whales

Lunch at Schnittchenfabrik - bread with fancy spreads. There is pepper hummus, Tandoori squash, and a Pea Cashew Ginger one.  

They were tasty, but pricey for the amount of food you got. 

We relaxed in our room the rest of the afternoon since it was cold and stormy outside, then got dinner at Restaurant Christas since it was closeby. First up - beet soup

Vegan veggie soup with wurst

Zucchini veggie noodles with thyme polenta - delicious!

The next day we went to the Meeresmuseum - another, smaller aquarium and the one I enjoyed more. The Ozeaneum was alright, but the Meeresmuseum had more things I like. Like rocks and fossils!

First you learn about the fishes

Then you spy on them! These were the tropical fishes and we saw some of them in the Maldives

I love rays!! I could sit and watch them swim around for hours!

It said this was the largest Ammonite fossil!

I see a few things I could add to my collection!

Learning all the things

An exhibit of deep sea creatures - they are crazy looking!

It is like Ursula's poor unfortunate souls

This guy was really cool and when you leaned in closer he started changing colors. I have a video of it, but I cannot figure out how to get it off of my phone and onto my computer to upload it...If you follow Raymond on Instagram then he posted it there back when we were here

Why hello there

The eels were wiggling all over the place


These turtles were in an open air place. You could easily touch them if you were so inclined, though you weren't supposed to

Fishes try to hide, but I see them!

They had a large tank with sea turtles!

And sharks!

They were so big. I think this was the first time I have seen them in real life. At least the first time I remember seeing them

Nautilus are so silly when they swim

You can sit and watch the turtles from the top of the tank as well. See Meeresmuseum has so many pretty fishes and fun things to watch. It's smaller but way better than the Ozeaneum!

Then off to lunch at Klabautermann - vegan schnitzel and salad. Yum!

After lunch we walked down the pier

Lots of people fishing off the pier

And wandered over to the lake by the train station

Last day we wandered around a bit

Walked down the beach playing Pokemon

And then stopped for some ice cream before heading home. All in all a great long weekend on the coast. 


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