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Stavanger, Norway Day 3 & 4

Stavanger day three was our official unofficial street art tour! We downloaded a map of the past street art festival art locations and set off to explore finding lots of stuff along the way. This post will once again be mostly street art/graffiti. Stavanger loves it and so do we!

So tiny!

Pictures in the bricks!

I loved these that were made to look like apartment buildings

Tou Scene has tons and tons of street art on the buildings in the area

He was really cool - made out of lots of materials

Sitting in the park

With a strange water thing. It was constantly just spinning the water

Lunch at Ostehuset. Avacado toast I think (I don't remember, and can't find an english menu)

And a taco salad. Both were delicious, but not much food

Started to clear up after lunch

We went to Gadja Etiopisk for dinner and this was my favorite Ethiopian food! So so so good. Started with a Sambossa

And a vegan platter with red and green lentils, berbere, spinach, yellow chickpeas, beets, cabbage and carrots, and oh it was delicious!! Highly recommend this place

The next morning was sunny and beautiful! But we had a plane to catch in the afternoon so no grand hiking adventures for us. Next time. 

Last lunch was at the Inside Rock Cafe (same chain we ate at in Bergen). These burgers are so tasty!

And we got a side of onion rings because I wanted more!

And that was it for our trip to Norway last year. I loved Stavanger even though the people seemed angry. I loved the street art and wandering around looking for things. We will definitely have to go back one year for the festival!


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