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Munich, Germany with Patricia!

Last fall Patricia was over in Europe visiting family and we met up in Munich for a few days. It was the first time I was in Munich and not sick! So win for me. Plus I got to see Patricia! Double win!

We took the train down after class on a Thursday and got there in time for dinner after meet up. We went to the Royal Kababhaus for dinner of vegan doner! 

The next day we had some breakfast then off to our day trip - Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein und Linderhof

The bus ride was beautiful and our first stop - Linderhof. They gave you your tickets with a time to be there by and let you wander your way to the palace. There wasn't a lot of time, but enough to see everything

We couldn't take photos inside, but it was interesting. Very ornate, lots of gold and porcelain

Then it was off to Oberammergau which has lots of fancy painted buildings

And lots of woodcarvers

we walked over to the church and spied inside

Then back on the bus to the final stop -Hohen Schwangau and Neuschwanstein

They once again gave us our tickets and options on how to get up to the palace and set us free. We grabbed some lunch quick then caught the shuttle up to Marienbrücke which is above the palace. 

Neuschwanstein from the bridge - beautiful!

There were a ton of people on the bridge when we got there so we were all seperated

Then I found Patricia, but Raymond was lost forever...or he went and waited for us out of the way

We started walking along this trail before realizing we were going the wrong way

It was really a beautiful area

The bridge from the palace

view from the palace. Again you couldn't take photos inside, but I loved this one. I am not a huge palace person, I don't like gold that much and the super ornate stuff is interesting, but not my style. This was my style. Very dark and awesome. I could live there

And the walk back down the hill to catch our bus back to Munich

It was a long day, but really enjoyable. I apparenlty didn't take photos of anything else while we were there. We did go on the free tour the next day which was fun, ate lots of delicious foods, and the last day, Sunday, we went to a bunch of museums. A lot of them are only 1 Euro on Sunday so we definitely took advantage of that. The Saturday we were there was the long night at the museums, but we were all so tired from walking all day we couldn't do more hours in museums. Maybe next time we will plan our trip to include that. 

Overall it was a great trip. It was nice to see Patricia again and explore the castles. 


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