Dortmund, Germany Day 2

Our last day in Dortmund we had breakfast then walked down to Westfallen Park spying on things along the way

Press the lever down and make the water fountain go

You rotate the small wheels here to scoop rocks into the big wheel which which you then rotate so they fall into the funnel and once you have enough the rocks roll down turning the other wheels. I was playing with this when a group of 4 guys about our age came by and the one was like oh! You need some help! And started helping get the rocks loaded into the big wheel. It was fun!

Fancy merry go round

This is at the park. Now when I looked up about the park it cost money to go in, but the only thing I could find out about it was there was a tower you could go up and see out across the area. It sounded like there wasn't much else, but like the museum the day before this was so much fun!!

There were these cars that you could take to the other side of the park - so of course we did that

Then we wandered around until we had to leave

Lots of interactive areas

This spun and made you dizzy

climb into the bushes

View from the top of the tower


Riding the cars back to the entrance

Raymond was in charge of the camera on the way back

Lunch at Kartoffel Lord Vegetarian Kuche - we got the Arabic - spicy soy wrap which was really good. 

Then to the train for the trip home. Dortmund was a lot of fun and I would definitely go back! I would say that this was one of my most fun weekend ever! For a town that was supposed to be boring I had a fantastic time!


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