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Brighton, England

When I was looking up Vegan festivals last year I came across one in Brighton that was on our anniversary weekend. I mentioned it to Raymond as we usually go someone for a long weekend, why not a beach town in the UK? So off we went. We got in about lunchtime and dropped off our bags and headed for some food! We had lunch at Vbites - a burger place. Here is the Elvis - beefy patty, with crispy rasher, hash brown and crisp lettuce topped with fried banana, peanut butter, and signature burger sauce, served on a toasted bun with sweet potato fries

And a BBQ chicken burger with coleslaw and fries. Yum! If we would have had more time/not so many places to eat we would have gone back to try more things. As it was Brighton has so many delicious sounding restaurants we couldn't eat at them all. I guess that means more new things to try next time. 

It was a beautiful day! After lunch we wandered along the waterfront

You got on the donut when it was on the ground and then it went up the pole so you could see out over the area


Koffee und Kuchen time - coffee cake and a chocolate chip cookie from The Plant Room Coffee

Which was in a nice little square with a fountain

The pier which had lots of Pokestops and the day we got there (Thursday) was like Pokemon night and the pokestops all had lures on them so you could just sit and get all the Pokemons! Really Brighton was great for Pokemon as they had so many that we hadn't seen here in Berlin before and they were everywhere!

weird bubbling it was really hot underneath or something. Strange

And the requisite sunset photos!

For dinner we went to a vegan tapas place, Rootcandi


Marinated tofu on beetroot topped with Samphire

Seitan pieces for in pancakes



And a choco caramel tart for dessert. Delicious! And so much food!

Then they brought these little nut and fruit things with the bill. This place was so delicious. We were sitting next to a couple that was great entertainment. The lady complained about everything, even about the guy taking her to eat at this place! They are apparently going to move to Canada, but I don't know if they will make it that far...

We stayed at a bed and breakfast and they said they could make vegan options for us. So we got vegan english breakfasts! No mushrooms for me, but you could get more if you wanted. It was delicious. Really the place was very nice. The people who owned it were super friendly and when we checked in the guy gave us a map and told us all the vegan places he recommends and it was great. If we go back I would definitely stay there again. Then it was off for more exploring!

The Royal Pavillion

Domnut from Glazed - chocolate peanut butter. Yum!

We went to Moshimo for lunch. Gyoza

And Yaki Udon with vbites duck for me

and sushi for Raymond. Most of it was really good, but the one on the far left looked like maggots in snot and Raymond said it was not a flavor he was a fan of 

Walking in The Lanes

Afternoon tea at Terra A Terre - so tasty!

Sabai Thai for dinner. Spring rolls

Pad Thai

Panang curry with vbites chicken - Yum!

The next day was the vegan festival and man. It was amazing!! So much delicious looking vegan foods! It was probably the best vegan fest we have been to. I would definitely go back to Brighton just to go to this! Though if you go you should show up early as we got there a bit after it opened and the long was so long. It took us a while to get inside, and when we left the line was still as long as it was when we got there. They limited the number of people that could be inside at one time which was really nice. You could actually walk around and talk to vendors and buy things without trying to squeeze through a ton of people. It was awesome! And above is our amazing haul!

Look at all the treats!

And some to take home with us! It was fantastic. I forgot to take photos inside and of all the stuff we are for lunch. 

Later we relaxed on the beach 

Until we heard the cars racing! There were speed trials going on farther down the beach so we walked down and watched some

For dinner we went to Indian Summer which was amazing, but we were so stuffed it was way too much food! They gave us a little soup to start

We got the set Tali menu which came with your choice of appetizer. We went for the Onion Aubergine Pakoda - delicious

And the Masala Dosa. When we ordered they asked if we wanted the appetizer size or the main size. We said appetizer for sure, we are not that hungry, and when they brought it out I thought for sure they misheard and brought us the larger size. It was huge! And could have been a meal by itself 

And our Tali - vaal subzi, sev tomato, aloo subzi & dal. Served with pickle, papad, roti & rice. Super tasty, but we could hardly finish it. Especially after all the treats from the vegan fest!

The last morning we woke up and I was not feeling well at all. I just wanted to sleep and do nothing. So we sat on the beach for a bit

Then had some tea

And got lunch at Beelzebab/The Hop and Ruin on our way to the airport. Chili cheese fries

A dirty kraut dog - hot dog with sauerkraut, seitan doner meat, pickle, crispy onion, ketchup and mustard

and Fried Pickles. 

Delicious greasy food before catching our flight back to Berlin. 

I really enjoyed Brighton. It was nice being by the water, it is super vegan friendly, all the food was amazing, we still have so many places on the to-try list, and the vegan fest was the best we have been to. Oh and lots of fun Pokemon to catch! We will definitely be back. 


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