Bergen, Norway Day 2

Day 2 in Bergen started off super rainy. Like pouring down rain so we relaxed in our room until lunchtime. Today we went to the Inside Rock Cafe which once again has burgers! I had the Dr. Feelgood burger whcih came with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, BBQ sauce and you could get fries or onion rings or both so I went with both! The lady we ordered from even went and checked to make sure everything was vegan for me which was nice. Vegan onion rings!! This was delicious. One of our favorite burgers of the trip. 

Then it has stopped raining so hard so we wandered around a bit more

Wandering in Bryggen

And spent a good part of the afternoon looking for street art

"There are a lot of good people around"

for dinner we went to Ma-Ma Thai which was recommended. Pad Thai which was good

And a curry - also tasty

The Thai place was by the lake and the clouds were crazy

And that was our time in Bergen. Next stop - Stavanger! 


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