Oslo, Norway Day 2

Day two in Oslo started with a walk out to Vigelandsparken - a sculpture park with over 200 sculptures from Gustav Vigeland (hence the name). Lots of photos coming up

It was a beautiful day out

Fun pictures surrounding the fountain

The monolith in the center of the park

It was a fairly large park so we sat and enjoyed the sun for a bit. While we were sitting there we kept hearing these birds that sounded to me like metal toys or something. We were sitting there a while when Raymond realized they sound like the smoke monster from Lost! Or one of the sounds it makes. You can compare with the video here. It really did sound like that and was odd. 

A bee friend

The rest of the afternoon we wandered and ate treats. I know these photos are very glare-y, but this was the window display from a store near where we stayed. 

Very odd

Food cart by the water

Ice cream and sweet potato fries - lunch of champions!

Walking around Tjuvholmen - a fancy neighborhood on the water

Lots of interesting art and architecture in the neighborhood

Nobel Peace Center

We went to Lalibella Ethiopian for dinner. Yum! I love Ethiopian food! There was an Ethiopian church next door and something had just finished there and everyone was coming over here to eat so I figured this was going to be delicious. And it was. We got the vegan plate with red and green lentils, spinach, yellow peas, cabbage, and carrots. Delicious!

After dinner, we decided to walk over to the opera house to watch the sunset and we came across this festival which now that I think about it was probably for Norwegian National Day

Crazy brick building

Perfect timing

The wall really reflected the sun

Trying to get a photo without being blinded

Raymond taking photos

And that was it for Oslo. 


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