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Flam, Norway Day 2

Our second day in Flam was Norwegian National Day! It was not a cruise ship day so the town was dead. 

In the morning we decided to hike up to Brekkenfossen waterfall

It was a nice walk up to the waterfall

There were two other people there when we got there and they offered to take our photo before they headed back down

It was beautiful from the top of the trail

As we sat we heard music playing and realized there was a small parade! We watched them walk from Flam to old town Flam. I know it is hard to hear as we are sitting by a waterfall, but you can hear the music if you listen closely. It was much clearer in person and kind of fun watching from above. 

Sheep friends

It was a nice hike, but I somehow messed my knee up doing it. It hurt going up and down inclines/stairs but was fine walking flat so that was a little issue the rest of the trip, but luckily not that bad. We still walked all over the place, just not up big hills and such. 

When we got back to town it was lunchtime. We tried one of the other places that had a veggie burger they could make vegan. Again nothing fancy, but nice to have an option in such a small town. 

After lunch we decided to walk up the road to Flam Church in the old center of town. 

Lots of flowers everywhere

Flam Church

There was a flood that destroyed a lot of the road and such so they were working on fixing it

We met a gumpy kitty on the way back to town who wanted all the love

Stylish people cross the road here

We just had pizza again for dinner because there weren't really other options. All in all a good day. Flam is beautiful especially when there are not lots of people around. Really peaceful. 


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