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The Maldives Day 12: Kuramathi Island Resort - Last day in Paradise

Our last day in the Maldives was overcast and it rained off and on all day. Not a lot of rain, just enough to make it so so so muggy it was terrible. So we hid in the room or swam all day as it was not pleasant to be outside. 

The raindrops change the color of the morning glory

Definitely a day for dessert at lunch!

Needed something to help cool off! 

Another fruit bat

Shark patrol! Didn't see many sharks though...

Sunset was still nice

But not gorgeous until afterwards!

The clouds were awesome

We went back yet again to the Indian place for dinner. It was seriously so so good we had it for our last dinner there. 

We ordered our favorites from prior visits - Rajma Masala, Lasooni Palak, Kadai Subz - Yum!

With Nan

And Kulcha. I loved this place so much. The food is incredible!

We finished dinner just in time to catch the Maldivian drum display which was a lot of fun. They played for 20 minutes and danced and got some people in the audience up to dance with them. I enjoyed it. Though we headed back to the room afterwards because it was so humid and I thought I was going to die waiting for the buggy! The humidity was killer! I wish it would have been raining so it would have cooled me off a bit, but that is what the pool is for! We got back and took a quick dip, then packed up our things...

The next morning was really rainy. It poured all night and was still pouring when we woke up. I am pretty sure the Maldives were so sad we were leaving they couldn't stop crying. I know. I wanted to stay longer too...Really I could have stayed a lot longer...but it worked out pretty perfect. We had wonderful weather the rest of the trip and the forecast called for rain all day for the few days after we left. 

So much rain!

The Maldives are not as nice from above when it is so stormy! I thought the plane ride would be bumpier because of the storm, but it was still really smooth which was good. 

And that is it for our Maldive vacation. We got to the airport and you have to go through a billion security screening points, and then our plane was delayed a half hour because of traffic on the runway. It is a tiny airport so traffic sounded like a funny reason, but it was fine. Our flight was really empty. In the section we sat in you could have had your own 2 person window seat or the long middle section to yourself. We moved seats because Raymond's TV wasn't working and we didn't have anyone in front of us. Nice so then no one puts their seat back! Everyone spread out and lots of people sleeping the whole way (9 hours) We flew through Moscow and we didn't get boarding passes for our connecting flight when we left. We had to go through a passport control and they gave us our boarding passes there. It took forever and I was glad we had a 2 hour layover instead of the one hour we had coming in. We were one of the first people from our flight to  go through the checkpoint which was good as then we didn't have to run to try and catch our plane. They kept calling for people connecting to different places and checking them in, giving them their boarding passes, then telling them to run as fast as they can as their flight leaves in 15 minutes and it is a 45 min walk to their gate and the next flight is not until tomorrow...yeah I was glad we didn't have to do that. I wasn't feeling good so I was not up for running, though once we got home I was fine which was odd. 

The Maldives were amazing. So beautiful and I loved every minute of it. I would definitely go back again for another relaxing vacation, but maybe add in Sri Lanka next time. If you are thinking about going I cannot recommend Kuramathi Island Resort enough. Everyone was super friendly and helpful, they had lots to see and do, the food was amazing, it was wonderful. Plus really nice rooms that are not that expensive for the Maldives. I would skip the first place we went to, but Kuramathi is definitely a great place to stay in paradise. 


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